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Latest Poll Shows Increase in TMT Support

Jul 20, 2016 | Events |

National media coverage of the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (“TMT”) has
consistently reported that Native Hawaiians are against its construction. We from Perpetuating
Unique Educational Opportunities, Inc. (“PUEO”) strongly disagree with these claims.

Latest polling on Oahu shows not only a majority of voters support the TMT project, but
support from Native Hawaiians has grown into a majority. PUEO is buoyed by the news of poll
numbers conducted by Ward Research
for the Star Advertiser showing 76% support for TMT
with 57% of Native Hawaiians in favor. As we have stated, PUEO hopes to bring a vision of
clarity and unity to the process through the perpetuation of unique educational opportunities for
our children. We believe that our voice of inclusiveness is getting heard in our communities,
and that moving forward with aloha, and integrating culture and science are in the best interests
for Hawai`i’s future.

PUEO is a Native Hawaiian led non-profit dedicated to enhancing and creating educational
opportunities for Hawaii’s youth and their communities. PUEO’s focus on bridging traditional
knowledge and scientific opportunities are specific to Hawaii and Hawaiian Culture. In addition
to the restoration of the voyaging canoe, Hokualakai, we also provide opportunities for kids to
engage in hands-on, inter-disciplinary learning environments. Our intent is based on a unifying
vision of Hawaiian language, culture, science, technology and exploration. PUEO seeks to
provide and enhance the opportunities for our children to continue the Hawaiian tradition and
culture of exploration and learning to all members of our communities.

PUEO recognizes the importance of Hawaii’s children to seek knowledge from all sources in
order to survive and thrive and to create careers that sustain the survival of their families and
needs in Hawaii into the future. PUEO was born to assist our children in this traditional and noble
For more information on PUEO, the public is invited to contact us at www.alohapueo.org or
follow us on https://facebook.com/alohapueo or https://twitter.com/alohapueo